Middle School G&T Screeners

Update – Survey Response

Thank you to everyone who completed our survey regarding the admissions procedure for our 6th grade screened programs at IS 73 and PS/IS 119 for next year. The survey indicated the following results:

  • 725 parents/guardians completed the survey
  • 82% (595) of participants voted in favor of an academic screener for 6th grade screened programs
  • 18% (130) of participants voted in favor of random lottery for 6th grade screened programs

Therefore, based on community input, the 6th grade programs for IS 73 and PS/IS 119 will be screened next year using students’ fourth grade report cards. The screener criteria will go into effect on Wednesday, October 26, 2022.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by calling the District Office at (718) 592-3357.

Superintendents have been tasked with partnering with the school communities’ leadership, staff, and parents to thoughtfully determine if and where middle school screened programs should exist based on instructional and community needs.

Where screening is allowed, students would be ranked based on a composite of their course grades from their final fourth grade report card in June. If a screener is selected by our community, only the fourth-grade final grades on the report card will be used to determine eligibility into 6th grade G&T Classes.

Currently, students who apply to G&T are randomly selected for admission. Academics are not taken into account when admitting students.

How should District 24 admit students into 6th grade G&T Programs?

Continue with lottery system?
Replace lottery system with screener?

Complete the survey using the link below to provide feedback on the use of Screeners in 6th grade G&T classes in District 24.

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