Applying to Kindergarten

District 24 is proud to announce our Kindergarten Application Information Sessions.

District 24 families have the opportunity to apply to schools and programs around the District. The purpose of the information sessions is to learn about District 24’s Zoned, Dual Language, Screened and STEM programs that families can apply to.

Kindergarten Information SessionsDistrict 24

2023 NYC Public Schools Admissions Guide


Links to Resources

Where to apply:

Kindergarten Admission Website:

Kindergarten Admissions Video Series:

Kindergarten Admissions Events Calendar

More information can be found at or email us at

Programs in D24 Elementary Schools

School3kPreKZonedDual LanguageSTEM Virtual TOUR
24Q007 PreKZonedSpanish & ChineseSTEM Discovery  Virtual Tour
24Q012   ZonedSpanishSTEM Discovery  Virtual Tour 
24Q013 3K ZonedSpanish & ChineseSTEM Discovery  Virtual Tour 
24Q014  ZonedSpanishSTEM Discovery  Virtual Tour 
24Q016  ZonedSpanishSTEM Discovery  Virtual Tour 
24Q019 PreKZonedSpanishSTEM Discovery  
24Q028 PreKZonedSpanishSTEM Discovery  
24Q049  Zoned  
24Q058 PreKZoned STEM Discovery  Virtual Tour 
24Q068 3KPreKZoned STEM Discovery  Virtual Tour 
24Q071 3KPreKZonedPolishSTEM Discovery  
24Q081 3KPreKZonedSpanishSTEM Discovery  Virtual Tour
24Q087  Zoned  Virtual Tour
24Q088 3KPreKZoned STEM Discovery  
24Q089  ZonedSpanishSTEM Discovery  
24Q091 3K Zoned STEM Discovery  Virtual Tour 
24Q102 PreKZonedChineseSTEM Discovery  
24Q110  ZonedSpanishSTEM Discovery  
24Q113  Zoned  Virtual Tour 
24Q119  Zoned STEM Discovery  
24Q128  Zoned  
24Q143 3K ZonedSpanishSTEM Discovery  Video Tour 
24Q153 3KPreKZonedPolish Video Tour
24Q199 3KPreKZoned STEM Discovery  
24Q211 PreKZonedSpanishSTEM Discovery  Video Tour
24Q229 PreKZoned STEM Discovery  
24Q2393KPreKZoned STEM Discovery  Virtual Tour
24Q290 PreKZoned  
24Q305 3KPreKZoned STEM Discovery  Video Tour 
24Q307 3K Zoned STEM Discovery  
24Q330  ZonedSpanishSTEM Discovery  Video Tour 
24Q343  Zoned STEM Discovery  Webpage
24Q331 (Pre-K) PreK   Video Tour 

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